Activities of Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj


1)      Samuh Yognopavit  : Samaj has arranged 11 Samuh Yognopavit.Out of this 4 Yognopavit were sponsored individually or by all caste brothers of village. One of such Yognopavit was sponsored by a Patel Gentleman, as a result of effort by Shri Vibhkarbhai Vyas of  village Kavitha. One Samuh Yognopavit was sponsored by Shri Bakulbhai Pandya at Virol and other was sponsored by Shri A.L. Vyas at Kavitha. Dixit and Dave families together sponsored Samuh Yognopavit at Tarapur and Rs.95000/- was donated to Samaj’Shri Rameshbhai Shukla sponsored expenses of  lunch for Samuh Janoi in 2011 held at Kheda. Shri Nischalkumar A. Dixit donated Rs.51,000/- Shri Ashokbhai F. Dave gave donation of Rs.55,000/- for expenses of lunch for Samuh Yognopavit arraned in 2013 at Kheda. Such Samuh Yognopavit is arranged after every 2-3 years.


2)      Vayaska Vandana (respect to Senior Citizens) : In 1998 Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj arranged programme to respect Senior Citizens (gents) above 75. In 2007 Samaj arranged programme for respecting Senior Citizens (Ladies) Dr. Vinayaikrai  M. Shastri sponsored this programme. In Annual Programme 2015 arranged at Vadodara  samaj respected  Senior Citizens (Gents) above 75 years Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj also honoured all Doctors of Samaj.


3)      Amardham Yojana : To register in this scheme one has to pay Rs.1,100/- once in life time out of which Rs.1000/- is registration charge & Rs.100/- for administration charges. At the time  of death of member of this scheme, the family member of the member will be paid Rs.5000/- . In future if members are increased this amount can be increased.


4)      Educational Schemes : Samaj has started a fund to help students  wishing to study further after 12th Std. At present fees in Technical education, Medical education and paramedical courses are very high. Common man is worried how to cope up with education expenses of their children. Samaj has decided to give interest free loan to needy students of Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj. For loan only parents’ signature  and student signature (for binding of payment) is required . For getting loan student has to submit Educational details before 30th Sept. in prescribed form. Up till now we have given loan to 3 students as under :

          Year                    Courses for which                                            Loan Amout


          2014-15               Advance Diploma in Visual Effects                1) Rs.50,000/-

          2015-16               MBA                                                                    1) Rs.30,000/-

                                      B.E. - Computer Engg.                                      2) Rs.28,500/-

          We need huge fund of Rs.50 lacs for this purpose. We are approaching people of our Samaj for donation to this scheme. Up till now we have reached to collection of Rs.10 lacs,  We on behalf of Samaj request you all to Donate generously in this fund.


          Successful students from K.G. to Post Graduate are given prizes and Medals in Annual function every year.

          Under Mankala Keranani Sahay fund needy students up to 12th std. are given help


5)      Annapurna Sahay Yojana : In our Samaj there are some families that are having very less  income. Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj has started distributing food grain kits to such families from last 2 years i.e. 2014-15 & 2015-16. In 2014-15 twelve (12) such families were identified and they were provided with food grains  kits having 25 items.  In 2015-16 thirteen (13) families got such kits.


6)      Kanyadan : Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj  gives a silver coin to all daughters of Samaj at the time of marriage as ‘Kanyadan’


7)      Rupee One per Day Scheme  :

          Shri Pradumanbhai B. Joshi a well wisher of our samaj gave a new idea to save for ourself daily. If every adult member of our samaj saves one rupee per day for our Samaj it will be Rs365/- per year. There are about 400 families and considering two adult members per family, the amount per year will be Rs2,92,000/- For individual family this is a very small amount but collectively it will be huge. We have been successful in this scheme. We should all decide to join this scheme and inspire others to join the same. Our brothers and sisters who have gone to foreign countries and prospered there are requested to donate 1 dollar or 1 pound per day.


8)      Shreegaud Darpan : Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj has started “Shreegaud Darpan” narrating different activities done by samaj and other information regarding individuals such as death, marriage ceremony success in any examination etc from year 2013.


Activities of trusts working under Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj:


1)      Smt Bhagvatiben P. Joshi - Amrutparv Trust

          Activities of this trust are as under :

a)      Social, cultural & Sports sponsoring  scheme : Under this trust those ladies who are topper in Literature, art, bravery or sports are honoured “ Tejaswini” award.

b)      Blood Donors : The blood donors who have given blood for 10 or more times are given prize of Rs.1001/- with appreciation letter. For person donating blood 25 times or more a prize of Rs.2500/- and  appreciation letter are given.

c)      Mangalya Dampatya : if newly married couple donate  blood during  first 6 months of marriage life and takes oath not to go for testing of Sex Determination during pregency i.e. whether a boy or a girl the prize of Rs.2501/- and appreciation letter are given

d)      Dadhichi Purskar : Those who decide to donate whole body or any part of body after death are given Dadhichi Purskar


2)      Smt. Jyotika Anilbhai Dixit Trust : 

          a)       This trust helps in providing notebooks for students at subsidized rate.

          b)       The trust gives prize of Rs. 5000 to 1st student in 12th Science Group.

          c)       Helping students in tuition fees.

          d)       Helping students in purchasing Text Books.





        To become member of Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj you can contact any Karobari Member. Life membership fees is Rs.500/-


How Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj will be helpful to its members :

1)    Helping the students of families with low income.

2)    Providing Educational guidance to students

3)    To arrange Annual Programme so that all families of samaj know each other better

4)    Awarding talented students in public

5)    To curtain big expenditure by arranging Samuh Yognopavti and by saving funds of individual members.

6)    Helping economically weak families by giving them food grain kits

7)    Interest free loan for needy students for higher education.


How you as individual can be helpful to Samaj :

1)    By giving co-operation to Karobari members in enhancing activities of Samaj

2)    By becoming Life Member of Samaj

3)    By informing your changed address, phone no. mobile no to Mr Jayminbhai G. Pandya

4)    When there is Good ceremony in your family, remember the Samaj and contribute generously to Samaj

5)    By remaining present in every function arranged by Samaj.

6)    By using your capability, skill, talent for growth of Samaj

7)    By offering corporation in function like Samuh Yognopavit

8)    By keeping yourself away from destructive activities.


Members of Shreegaud Sadtris Samaj please keep in mind following points.

1)      Please see that all individuals in your family above 18 years age are Life Member of Samaj.

2)    Please inform Mr Jayminbhai G. Pandya immediately about change in address & mobile no.

3)    Please send Zerox copy of mark sheet of your children from KG to PG with your name & address before 30th Sept every year

4)    Last date for applying for interest free loan for higher education and help under
“Manakala Keravani Sahay” is 30
th Sept every year

5)    Please give your suggestions about activities of Samaj



Shree Gaud 37 Samaj

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